date paste

In the process of producing date paste, the dates after washing and disinfection are placed inside the dough machine, at this stage, coarse components and 70% of the crust are separated from the date paste. Due to its low moisture content, this product has a high shelf life and, at the same time, is quite suitable for infusion in the food industry.

Fixed and uniform quality, lack of use of preservatives and essential oils or thickeners, high shelf life and maintaining physical properties over time, high heat resistance, pasteurization and no foreign particles, usability in cake and cookie machines, and ... The characteristics of our date palm.

Palm pastries have many benefits in producing various types of food products. Such as: durability, refractory, a very reasonable price (compared to marmalades), preserving qawam (unlike marmalade, dates do not attract cakes and maintain consistency and volume), the market is very good and popular due to the ever increasing Consumers of food industry to natural products, as well as without additives and preservatives.    

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